Being a Katherin Meganis Phang

Her biggest challenge was when she was diagnosed with breast cancer on April 2016. She had no money for treatment and was fired by the company. She have always been insecure and felt that no one loves her, especially after going through two failed relationships. But after being diagnosed, the people around her showed love and even went to the extent of fundraising for her.

This made her realise that she was not alone and that she is loved, allowing her to be more aware of her surroundings and take care of herself better. She was then introduced to Kampung Senang where she received support and forged new friendships. Once she recovered, they aided in restoring her immune system and even suggested she work with them when she struggled in finding a job after her recovery.

i am healthy

Cancer is God's Gift

I can say cancer was God’s gift for me. It opened my eyes to how to eat healthy and some exercises that could help me. How to be disciplined and now I have more friends who were cancer survivors.

From not so unhealthy food. Now learn to eat healthy.

Not only food, I also build a healthy lifestyle to drink enough water everyday.

Then do exercise regularly, I run 3km a day, followed by sets of sit up and push ups.

My mindset has changed from feeling unworthy and not good enough now to feel loved and received a lot of support.

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